Who? What?

Xova Film was co-founded by Marek Novák and
Michal Varga in 2014, to establish a platform for shared passion in filmmaking. The company started with producing documentaries for television (Far From Maidan) and developing a documentary feature about circus in Rwanda.

Xova Film is dedicated to working with fresh audiovisual talents, bringing their passion to the screen, looking for distinct voices, strong stories and international cinematic appeal. The company slate is eclectic, ranging from hybrid documentaries, over fiction auteur cinema to a postapocalypse story set in a summer scout camp.

Marek Novák


Marek Novák studied law and later film production at Prague’s FAMU. In 2014, he co-founded production company Xova Film, with director Michal Varga. Xova Film started with producing “Far From Maidan”, a documentary on eastern Ukraine's crisis, alongside developing Michal’s documentary debut, “Circus Rwanda”. The experimental docu-fiction about life, death and dental prosthetics “Vienna Calling” by Petr Šprincl is in post, “Circus Rwanda” is in production and “Moravia, O Fair Land III.”, the experimental zombie -folklore-epic wrapped in July 2017. Marek is also developing a coming-of-age fiction feature “Erhart” by Jan Březina and a postapocalyptic miniseries “The Camp”, which he also co-writes. As a minority co-producer, Marek is involved in “Heads and Tails”, the 2nd feature by Romanian writer/director Nicolae Constantin Tanase. Marek was trained at various workshops (B’EST EAVE, IFS international producing, Ex Oriente, MIDPOINT, etc.) and is present on international markets and forums (Baltic Event, Cinelink, DOK.fest Munich, etc.). He lives in Prague and Budapest.

Xova Film, s.r.o. / Sudoměřská 893/52, 130 00 Prague, CZ / IČO: 02807271
DIČ: CZ02807271