format: documentary

Eliseé survived the Rwandan genocide as a child. Today he leads an orphan acrobat group in a country, which heavily relies on foreign aid. He cares for the orphaned children and wants them to be happy, to have some sense in their lives. Rosta Novak built a worldwide-acclaimed circus group in Prague, where he successfully rules with a firm, paternal hand, but has permanently dark undereye circles from the workload. The majority of Rwandese think that all people in Europe are fairy rich. On the other hand, many Europeans think that it is necessary to help Africa with everything. What happens, if we merge these two worlds in a film, during the preparation of a joint circus performance? What are the true motivations of our protagonists and what does it tell us about the Africa-Europe relationship? And who actually helps whom, in the end?

director: Michal Varga     length: 70′     status: in production    expected release: Q1 2018
 co-producer: nutprodukcia, s.r.o. (Jakub Viktorin), Czech Television, Slovak Television     supported by: Czech Film Fund, Slovak Film Fund    developed at: Ex Oriente Film