Original title: Cap și Pajură

The story of Heads and Tails follows Laurenţiu, a man waiting for his brother to come back from abroad. During an altercation in a club, Laurenţiu receives a hard blow to the head. He refuses to be hospitalised and barely manages to get back home, desperate to confess something to his brother, whose arrival has been delayed. The film shows his experiences over the next day, but also glimpses of his past, and everything is put into context by the possibility that this may be Laurenţiu’s last day.

genre: drama  writers: Nicolae Constantin Tănase, Raluca Mănescu 
director: Nicolae Constantin Tănase   music: Tomáš Procházka    status: postproduction    supported by: CNC, Czech Film Fund    produced by: Anamaria Antoci (4 Proof Film, RO)
co-produced by: Marek Novák (Xova Film, CZ)    release: late 2017