English title: Moravia, O Fair Land III.

A terrific discovery in the field of culture and history is made - the Mikulčice Manuscript is found, proving the connection of Moravian culture to ancient times. Ivana Slabáková, the guru of Moravian folklore brass music, puts together a group of Moravian patriots, clerofascist, a brass band and a satanist from Brno. Drama will be staged. However, the ancient Moravians may not agree and an apocalyptic clash is inevitable. 
What culture is the original? Who has the right to the land? Can a zombie ride a tractor and produce wine?

genre: experimental docu-fiction    writers: Petr Šprincl, Lukáš Jiřička    director: Petr Šprincl status: production    supported by: Czech Film Fund, South Moravian Film Endowment Fund
release: late 2018